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If the answer is yes, here’s one possible reason why:

2007 – Apple introduced the iPhone and kicked off the smart phone revolution.

2010 – Apple did it again by firing up the tablet revolution with the introduction of the iPad.

2011 – Smart phone sales outpaced PC sales for the first time (and by a wide margin).

2015 – Tablet sales beat PC sales. In fact, smart phones and tablets combined outsold PCs by nearly 9 to 1.

2015 – Because more people are surfing the web on mobile devices, Google changed the way their search results work to penalize websites that are not responsive. Responsive sites are sites that automatically adjust to the screen size for a better visitor experience.

2016 – Google has announced that in May of this year, they are increasing the penalties for non-responsive websites.

Websites that are more than four years old may not be responsive. Non-responsive sites are already missing out on visitors because they’ve slipped down in the search rankings. According to Google, come May, the penalties for non-responsive sites are only going to get more pronounced.

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