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Featured Non-Profit – Indivisible Sonoma County

It is important to us to give back to our community and support causes we believe in. Because of this conviction, each month we choose a non-profit and make a donation in the name of Smart Monkey Design.

Our donation for June this year went to Indivisible Sonoma County.

From their website:

What We Do

Inspired by we are voters from Sonoma County, California* rallying to resist the Trump agenda — an agenda based on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.

We object loudly and powerfully to ensure that people in Sonoma County understand how damaging the Trump agenda is from the start. We will not support false promises and partial concessions that will further victimize us and our neighbors.

*Congressional Districts #2 and #5

Who We Are

Indivisible Sonoma County (aka Indivisible SoCo or IndySoCo) formed in January 2017. We are a group of concerned Sonoma County citizens working together in a non-hierarchical manner to resist the agenda of the Trump administration. We are all volunteers. We generally make decisions through a consultative process, often by nominating whomever is the most passionate about a topic to take the lead. We often call it a do-it-ocracy!


We have organized ourselves into teams. The teams are based on the mission and interest areas of IndySoCo. Individual members choose which teams to work with. Each team has one or more leaders, whose role is to encourage and facilitate.

Currently, our teams are:

  • 4 Member of Congress teams: one each for Feinstein, Harris, Huffman, and Thompson. These teams take the lead on meeting with our MoC offices. They focus on IndySoCo’s core mission of local defensive congressional advocacy.
  • MoC Call Support teams motivates us to make calls to members of Congress.
  • Out of District team works to support Indivisible and electoral efforts in other areas.
  • Outreach team works to make IndySoCo more deliberately inclusive and collaborative.
  • Events team coordinates with local groups to support protest activities.
  • Social Media team puts our message out on social media.
  • Media team works with local traditional news media to get out the message about Indivisible.

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