Photo of a hole in a chain-link fence

I find there’s an interesting trend among potential clients. Just about everybody asks me about SEO.

Most people seem to have at least a passing knowledge of what SEO is and why it’s important. Search Engine Optimization helps get your website higher in the search rankings. The higher you’re ranked, the more likely it is people will click through to your site. Here’s the part that I find particularly interesting though, almost NOBODY asks about security!

After I’ve installed WordPress on a server, installing and configuring the site security is one of the first things I do. In part, this is because there are certain settings which need to be done before any content is added to the site. However, it’s also because hackers won’t wait until you’ve got a website finished before attacking it. I’ve had attacks start within days of a new install.

We recently began building a new site for a client and we had over 500 attempts on the site even before we went live. My guess is that all of those were bot attacks (bots are computer programs that scan the internet in search of sites with known weaknesses), but all it takes is for one of those to get through, and you’re potentially hosed.

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